People: uh so glad the drama is over. 2016: hold my beer

Sick. We need to talk about this year, 2016. This is some witchcraft!
George Michael is RIP.
Another one!
Seems he passed away peacefully though.


It was absolute ■■■■. It was so shitty that i drank more liquor then i did water. Probably lol. The only good part about this year were the shrooms. Everything else was an absolute nightmare that made me want to blow my head off

So glad its over. Hopefully next year is better

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2016 was still a good year because Obama was president still…I fear next year since Trump will be trying out his powers strongly early next year.

In other words, I’m depressed about the future.

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2016 was a rotten year for me overall!
I lost my mind.
I lost my dog.
I was Involuntarily Hospitalized twice and Abused by Hospital workers from time to time.

I say good riddance!
■■■■ 2016!


I had a glass of wine last night. only mentioning this cause you said beer

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Im with u there. ■■■■ 2016. U awful worthless piece of ■■■■ year. Being hospitalized sucks. I was hospitalized 4 times this year. And once is more then enough

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2016 can go play with matches in heavy traffic for all I care!


After thinking about it. I guess 2016 was a bad year I spent the vast majority of it unemployed so that sucks. Also I had that one stint where I couldn’t sleep for 5 days straight. While I’m not as mad about the election as some people I still kinda don’t like the way it turned out. So I would say I dislike 2016.

I wonder how old you gotta be to be considered a real person.

bah real people don’t exist

we all… duh duh duh… dream …peeeople

What drama?

What is over?

Certainly no hatred or targeting.

I’ll be dead within 6 months.

You think I care about anything?

Never with sz

2015 was pretty good.
But 2016 sucked balls.
Can’t wait for 2017!

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