People trying to stereotype me

I’m constantly being harassed by some sex offender in this building. They’re making me very sick. Then when I try to move, they claim I killed a cat. And these people laugh at ME, like I’m the one who is absurd and ridiculous. The only one who would care about killing a cat, are the super pests, who can’t leave me alone. I don’t have keys to people’s apartments. Someone who does, broke into mine at least twice. They really like to insult people’s intelligence, insinuating you would be interested in such stupid things. There are a lot of dumb sex offenders around here, and other ■■■■■■■■ who are interested in making me look bad, but that would just be too logical.

Are you okay? I’m having a hard time following what you wrote.

Some liar is trying to frame me. A neighbor’s cat died. When I applied for a different apartment, they insinuated it was me. I don’t have a motive to kill a cat. I get harassed constantly by lying sex offenders and jealous people, who have a motive for making me look bad. I don’t have keys to people’s apartments anyway. They stole my tablet one of the times, they broke in. They’re illogical, irrational liars.

What is their motive?

They’re motive is; the sex offenders around here claim everyone is a prostitute and want to dominate people. The jealous idiots want to be able to continue doing sick things,so they’re not jealous. It could be financial too. Most likely. No one was ever lying about me when I worked. Or they don’t want people to be able to get an apartment.

You don’t sound well. Have you told your pdoc about this?

Never mind. Don’t need to be gaslighted.

Are you taking your medicine ?

Yes. And I wouldn’t have any psychiatric problems if abusive people could leave people alone.

This is exactly what I mean, about people being unsupportive. I have evil people lying about me all the time, just because they don’t want me attractive. They don’t want me to have income, even though I’m the one who had to work nearly 30 years. And people are always supporting liars.

Stay away from sex offenders… lowest lot in jail…

It’s probably paranoia that they think you killed a cat… but if you yell at your neighbors like you do here… they might get scared of ya. And that could be a reason why they might make rumors about you😶

It sounds to me as if you have some paranoia going on. Maybe some of it is real but I really think you should consider telling your doc about the things you believe are going on and see if maybe he/she might consider a change to your meds. It doesn’t sound like everything in the med/symptom category is firing on all cylinders.

I have been loud. But I wasn’t yelling at neighbors, but stalkers who do gross things and lie. I think they’re responsible.

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I mostly do stay away from sex offenders. I had a crush and didn’t realize the type of person he was. It could be a friend of his.

That is a scary thought… how come these “stalkers” keep bothering you specifically though? Seems like the more you give them attention, the more they bother you…

Try not to show them that your bothered by them, because they sound like they strive from seeing you suffer😕

When you see them/hear them, how about deliberately start doing something else just show them that you are the bigger person here and that you don’t give a sh!tt about those weirdos

that must suck if they all after you in your building… maybe you gotta look for another place to live?

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It’s just that they’re making me sick, when they’re around. Ever since I moved here, some dumb-@ss tells people I’m a hooker. I was a medical technologist and lab scientist. They love insulting me.

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Not everyone. Mostly upstairs.

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