People think im a spy

the recovery college asked if i would like to go nature walking in the park, so i jumped at it because i just love wildlife.

so i was eager to ask questions and i felt good because i knew some stuff so i just double checked with the tutor.

eventually after 2 hours of going round the park and others asked questions too andalso knew some stuff. the tutor turned around and said well i ought to just let you do the lesson!!
i wanted to go home at that minute because i wasnt been a nasty know it all, i just was talking about what we learned last week and thought it was good that i was enthusiastic.

so yeh after everyone went home, he said are you a spy to see if i know everything im telingyou to see if im doing my job properly? i said god no, i dont even know half of the things you know.

now i feel like ■■■■ … as i dont wanna go out now!!


The spy part would have triggered me as well.


They were just trying to be funny I guess. But yeah …


Who knows, maybe they are sz an afraid of being checked up on. You get to see it from the other side!

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awww, strange thing to say to you.

I was a class with an instructor
for some reason I ended up telling him and them

if you’re ever attacked or mugged, just one jab in the wind pipe, and he’ll drop.

He told me, You might hurt someone.

Well, no sh-it, that’s the point!
I never went back.

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Oh My Gosh You Я A Spy.

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