People that.. well can you say people?

things that live and feed on tormenting others.
with all kind of technical aids.
like ultra low frequencies, high frequencies, microwave radiation,

they left me today, while targeting me rigorously for the past few weeks
months and yes even years.

it must be that they need regular sleep, the very thing they
wouldnt me allow too have…

is it good that they left?hope so tcx

probably not… direct neighbours are both gone with the wind.
i guess it so that they can put the radiation levels too a maxim.

but yes, all we can do is hope.

say i told them to bugger off and leave you alone so you can rest LOL

well thanks dandyinmot

i dont think it will do anthything, yet it does motivate me
so thank you

your welcome:) can i borrow some of your motivation my get up and go got up and left.haha

i would like too say haha,

yet i dont get it… i am puzzled. could you elaborate more?

was just a little jokette.

ok may i be in on the how,what and why of the joke?

no you may not its a secret:)

well can i say then that i dont like you jokes much.

u can and u did:)…

well yes, yet what have we gained?
ah please give me an insight too that joke.