People talking too fast

Sometimes when someone is talking to me, I find that they go from point to point too quickly for me to form a thought on what they just said. So I spent most of the time in conversation just acknowledging that I’m listening with a “yep” or “mhmm”. Does anyone else here experience this?


Some people are bad communicators, it might not be your fault.

It happens. Usually if what they are talking about isn’t important I wont ask for clarification.

I also experience that a lot

I only catch a part of what a person says some times.
I think it’s due to the pitch of their voice and my hearing.

I do the same “Ah” or “yes, sir” or “ma’am”.

My nephew stopped by our house earlier.
The kid is a genius.

I had a hard time understanding him when he started talking about engineering and science.

Yeah he’s that smart.

He talks super fast.

I have a hard time following him.

YES. I experience this a lot, especially at my work as a peer specialist. I often am well with it but it does build in me frustration in time and I have to cope with it. Use skills!!

i have this issue too… i’m always working on making sense of what they telling and while doing that just aknowledging with mhmmm and such.

Depends on if the subject interests me.

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