People talk to much when you have schizophrenia


Not me. I tend too speak too much when Im unmedicated.

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I avoid people at all costs. This generally solves the issue.


I avoid people at all costs too. I’ve been known to talk too much at times.

**This makes me think of my son-and how he feels when I`m talking to him! :frowning: **

I remember when I just wanted someone to tell me the truth.


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A lot of the conversations from others is about TV shows or gossip etc… you know, shallow stuff.

Not too many people are interested in talking about the deeper issues - lots of times I pretend that im interested in what others have to say - I get bored and bothered very easily, I just dont have the patience anymore.


Thats kinda how I am,im not into that everyday stuff that really is just filler .

I do feel like people talk to much I don’t know my brain seems to interpret things differently I don’t know its weird.

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Maybe you have a excellorated thought process , thats what I have,ADHD just sitting idly is not something that I can do.

And people talk too much even when you don’t have schizophrenia.

I have always talked to much.Ruined allot of relationships too.

I find what the people on this forum say to be interesting and I can understand it and relate to it - but most people who have not been through schizophrenia can sometimes be inclined to be flash, jealous, vain, shallow, greedy, sarcastic. It seems every other person is either a DIVA or a TOUGH GUY. Schizophrenia tends to blow away all of the trivial and superficial rubbish and strips you down to the honest bare bones.