People still believe stupid stuff like we use only 1% of our brains

Its so irritating that people believe some old myths like we use only 1% of our brains. There is a reason that part of our brain that is responsible for sound isnt workimg when we dont hear anything. Wr use brains according to stimulus and when some brain parts are woking that shouldnt then is considered a mental illness like sz and not having super powers

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The Earth is flat, and the moon is made of cheese. If there were ever a grain of Truth to the 10% rule, obviously they measured brains at rest and not while working on a problem. Even then, it’s probably BS

True, but there have been times when I felt I was only using 1% of my liver.

Work a few months in customer support, and you’ll see how many people don’t even use 1%


Be on the receiving end of customer support and you’ll see how many companies put you on hold for up to as many as 8 hours sometimes and then cut you off midway with no apologies. You’ll also see how many companies have ridiculous, hairbrained policies designed especially to screw customers over also with no apologies. @Miika .

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I can assure you I have never, in my life, used more than 1% of my brain.


neither have i lol


I thought the myth was 10% of our brains…


You beat me to that one


I’m pretty sure that the saying is that we use 10% of our brains, not 1%. I think that what it probably means is that we use 10% of our brain consciously or on purpose, and the other 90% is brain activity that is for things like the functioning of our vital organs, etc.

I’m not sure I even have a brain.:rofl:

The brain is mighty powerful.

No one really knows exactly how it works.


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