People saying I bilked the system

People are starting to say I bilked the system. I didn’t ask to be put where I was. I was hospitalized over twenty times, mostly for reasons I saw as nefarious. With only one exception, I was taken to the mental hospital in handcuffs, against my will. I fought my commitment in court several times and lost. When they put me in an assisted living center I found out that they would finally leave me alone, so I stayed there. When they gave me food stamps I didn’t ask questions. I just took them. Maybe if they hadn’t put me on antipsychotic medication in the first place I would happily dig ditches for a living, but antipsychotic medication makes your body very vulnerable to the weather - too vulnerable to work outside very long. They’re nearly impossible to come off of. It stands to reason that if they give you a medication that suppresses dopamine in one area of the brain, your brain will flood that area with dopamine when you come off it. There are only about ten thousand lies concerning my case. People have to be accountable. I’ll stand up in court and account for all my transgressions if they will account for theirs in a binding legal forum.


I am sorry to hear that @crimby .
Perhaps you are not taking the right medication?
Medications are supposed to help you, not harm you.
You are a poor man, you are clearly not a fraud.
How dare people say that of you!
Further, I believe that those who are unable to provide for themselves should be able to live in dignity.
It is not your fault that you’re unable to work!
Not mine either!
I am trying my best to recover, I would like not only to work but to be highly successful professionally!

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You’re very right. My major point is that people have to be accountable for the way they treat each other.

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