People say never listen to voices

but what if voices come true? Should we listen to voices if they come true? Should we take them as warnings? I’ve had voices that came true. I’m worried that the voices I’ve heard will come true with regard to the future.


I have the exact same issue, idk, I’m beginning to lean towards not listening to them, just thinking that if my mind wants to tell me something it can do so via dreams instead

Voices have accurate premonitions like less than one percent of the time. It doesn’t validate the rest of their nonsense.

Even benign voices are a hidden power struggle of sorts. You’re the one in charge, you don’t have to put up with what you don’t want.

Reason it’s like a power struggle is that it’s so easy to set them off. Voices seem super narcissistic, it’s because everyone’s competing for the same channel and it gets messy.


I’ve had dreams that came true. It’s just luck or your subconscious. I’m not going to start paying extra attention to my dreams.

Do you mean like the power struggle is they make you feel guilty into thinking you are in charge and you should do something about it since you don’t have to put with what you don’t want? Was that your initial meaning behind this statement?

It’s a power struggle in that as soon as they say something, you’re forced to think about it and give them mindshare. The same stuff that you need to devote to your task. They take power from you by talking to you.


I get it thanks.

They’re energy parasites

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Hey do you think these minimal tasks could be being put by other human beings?

I’ll admit one of my voices gives really good and helpful advice to me. It has helped me get through a lot of hard times. I listen to that voice. The rest just get me into trouble.

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The voices don’t seem to be by people in this dimension. That’s just as good as saying “they’re not real”. You can’t like have a negotiation with them to stop or anything, all you can control is your body and well-being to stop it.

The advice to schizophrenics is to not listen to the voices. The neuro-receptors in the brain are firing all the way down to the axiom. Bio-chemical transmitters namely dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine and nor-epinephrine carry signals to areas both in the brain lobes. Those brain neuro-transmitters are hyper sensitive and active which is why we hear voices.

Any doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or brain specialist can tell a schizophrenic it’s all in the mind. The voices and the outside world have no correlation or causation.

There is no scientific basis for premonition, assumptions or random guessing. The world is based on scientific facts with evidence which is black and white according to the scientific method.

It could come true, because the voices come from you. That is how you get tricked into listening to them and doing dangerous things.

So good or bad don’t pay attention to them.
I know from experience.

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Don’t trust your voices! They can be wrong and downright malicious. They try to mess you up so never listen to them. Listening to your voices will take you down the rabbit hole and into trouble!

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