People say my boyfriend isn't powerful enough

To set me up to take me to North Korea, but what if he is? How can I tell if he is powerful enough? He says he communicates with the Supreme Court.

Does he really say this crap
or you hallucinate?
In the first case, he is to be blamed

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Holy crap balls. It doesn’t sound like either of you are healthy enough to be in a relationship and that you’re just feeding into mutual delusions and making each other sicker. Maybe time to call it quits and take care of yourself? You are obviously way out in left field and in desperate need of help.


He really said he communicates with the Supreme Court.

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Not all that impressive. I was tapped into the Galactic Hegemon before the meds started working.


Your boyfriend is possibly as delusional as you are.

Not trying to be mean.

I just don’t know how else to put it.

You guys should probably separate since he seems to be at the center of your delusions,

Also he’s either sick or gaslighting you,

So break up, for your sanity’s sake.


Leave him.

Can you go live with your parents?

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Yes I plan to live with my parents. But I’m worried he set me up already.

Go live with your parents.

He has no power, he’s just messing with you or sick himself.

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How do you know he has no power?

Is he rich?

Does he travel a lot?

Have a high profile job?

He is rich but he hides it. He had traveled a lot. He keeps high-profile job a secret.

I’m sure he does.

More like he tells you this and you believe it all because you are very ill. He’s taking advantage of you with wild stories OR you are imagining it all and creating these scenarios.

I don’t believe for one second he is rich or has a secret job.


In either case, you need to get out and get under the care of a competent pdoc.

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Right. Flat ass broke.

Maybe true, maybe delusions/lies.

Guessing crap job or no job and justified by delusions/lies.

Sounds like a keeper.

You’re letting him win by not believing what I told you.

My nurse said that she was in the military in South Korea and that the North Koreans wouldn’t be able to enter the U.S. This sort of makes me feel better but I’m just worried that my boyfriend is more powerful than this? Anyway to combat this thought? She says she doesn’t think he’s powerful enough.

Sounds like you’re really sick…

He also told you he was a “Fallen Angel”. So as far as I’m concerned he’s a confirmed liar.

I don’t believe for one second that your boyfriend is the devil so that means that he lied to you about that and God knows what else he is lying to you about.