People say,have faith,have confidence


Let working out and Football be my faith since I can’t find faith on people,but I had to accept that I am a lonely person in nature,unless some changes in my medication or if I recover from stopping medication helps me overturn that,if not I will be probably lonely


I think that schizophrenics tend to be lonely. I have tried a few service animals, myself.



Does having animals help kills the boredom or loneliness??


Oh, I’ve not been bored for many years, but I’ve been lonely right along. The pets were supposed to be little companions. Alternately stated, people keep cats because they help them emotionally.



Sometimes things got better by themselves. Most of the times, we need long suffering (or patience).


You probably need more than exercise to feel fulfilled. Like you, I have a hard time interacting with people. I am discovering that all I need is just a little company with others. I don’t have to interact. Just their presence is enough.


You don’t know that I exercise a lot,at least 1 and half he daily,only rest on Sunday,I am sure it isn’t exercise,gonna find interest in football,maybe sex


I went to play basketball today,and it was a okay,but I would like to concentrade on football more beause I played basketball in secondary school a lot,and it seems my talent has reached limit and haven’t been able to improve,so I would like to focus on football and learn some skills,tactic and most importantly have some fun which I seldom do…Football is a very popular sports in my country…