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People required for short BBC3 documentary (UK)



chances for ukans…!!!


@thomas, this is your chance! tweet with your video!

just kidding. bbc3 is way too much pressure for a schizophrenic, or at least me.

by the way, what is bbc3? is that like the BBC channel, but 3 times?



I’ve emailed for more info… I wouldn’t have found out about this otherwise as I’m not on twitter, so thanks for posting Firemonkey.


I tweeted her and said I was interested. Don’t know if they’ll take people from the US though.


ALL: Can’t do this unless you can go to their studio in London. Dammit lol… I’ve missed my shot at fame and glory!


dude, you have to sweet-talk her into giving you a free airplane ticket to London. you can do this! I believe in you!


I can’t leave South Carolina because I’m on bail.



Aww, they don’t pay for your trip to London? :expressionless:


bail, eh? I probably shouldn’t ask…

I’ve done my fair share of things, but luckily those things have been on the internet. the worse that happened to me was a perma-ban.


Hey, at least you applied. That’s pretty brave!


I don’t know if they do or not, you should ask her. But I can’t go :frowning:


Um, your situation isn’t going to reflect well on the rest of us. Just sayin’.



lol, he wouldn’t need to tell bbc3 about the bail. he could just keep it on the down-low :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah, I can’t keep secrets. so if I was interviewed, the interviewer would usually walk away with more information than I wanted to share.

heck, I’m quite sure that people in this forum know more about me than I would want them to know. :laughing:


Well reckless decision-making is a big problem for anyone with SzA. Manic and hypomanic episodes cause you to do lots of things you wouldn’t normally do.


@Sooner88 I ran in to some legal problems when I was 17 and 18 because of mental health issues that didn’t surface until later. I agree with you 100%

Also about this BBC thing. I honestly haven’t had enough people say really inappropriate or hurtful or weird things to me about my Schizophrenia :stuck_out_tongue: would be cool to go to London tho…


I put UK in brackets for a reason. I think it’s hard for some to realise that this is not exclusively a site with US posters.


I knew you blokes from across the pond frequented this site almost instantly…same with you Aussies…your spelling and some of the words you use are dead give aways…


yeah like when I use the word “mum” sometimes, I don’t think anyone was laughing because all the British here know I’m American…