People reading my thoughts and threatening me

Before i started treatment a group of people were reading my thoughts and threatening me to do what they want they were inside of my head giving me commands telling me what to do all the time they were also punishing me when i disobeyed and inserting mental pain inside of me it was like they were really hurting me physically but it was all in my head i couldnt explain how they did this to my doctor i cant explain how they did this to anyone because there is no explanation it was like magic i have been in treatment for over a year now and i can say before i started the voices in my head were terribly disturbing to the point that i couldnt even preform daily tasks i couldnt even function properly now i feel that the voices are completely gone after being drowned in medicine for more than a year but i am not certain if they will come back i can say that i am much better than before because my memory has basically been wiped over the past year and i cant even remember how this mental disease happened so i think it must be gone by now but i am not sure i am waiting for the day i will be all okay without medicine in my system

That day is not likely to come, to be honest. I have been on meds for over 30 years and it looks like I’ll need them for life. Going off of them always makes symptoms come back worse. You can still have a good life on meds, however.

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Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not. I’m married, have a kid, have a career, and am living a life I enjoy while taking medication. I take the lowest dose possible and have to cope with positive symptoms in exchange for being able to work, but it’s tolerable. I am aware that I could have worse problems than I do so I try to maintain an attitude of gratitude and get on with my day.


Yes i am glad you have a good life while on medication the reason i said that is because i am waiting for the day i will be good without medication because before i started treatment my symptoms were so bad i almost couldnt even walk on a straight road without having a crisis or breakout of anger and frustration thats why it is important for me to see if i have recovered or not thank you for your response

Dont worry they are not people doing that.

Quite a lot of people on earth have problems like this and there would have to be a lot of people in secret laboratories to torment all of us.

Science is still trying to figure out schizophrenia, at the moment they attribute it to too much dopamine.

I have my own ideas though.
I think its the sub, the con and the suss. The subconscious. Which we shape out of the environmental energies that go against our head.
The energies always go against our brain in some form or another [magnetive variances and electric frequencies] and so we shape it into something that would be against us.
And the dopamine makes us fight against it more, but sometimes we can get carried away.

Its just what i think. I hope you feel better knowing that lots of people struggle with this stuff too.

But know that its not people doing this to you from some secret lab.

Don’t go off your meds or reduce them until you have a chance to talk with your pdoc.
I am quite satisfied with my meds and anytime I miss them I have hell to pay.

Oh no i wont for sure

İts hard to explain how they were reading my thoughts and commanding me it would take hours to put my words together to explain their actions and what they were doing to me i cant prove that they were reading my thoughts to anyone either which is the hardest part

Yeah but think about it.

So many people have this problem. There cant be a team of people doing this to each person.

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I have the feeling if I got too deep into it that would make you feel worse.

I hope you feel better and that this passes soon.

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Thank you so much

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