People plotting against me on Facebook

I have had this theory that since I have gotten rid of Facebook people have been using it to plot against me to make my life hell. People are letting others know about me and my past mistakes to turn me into a monster. They have fun letting others know I’m some sort of lunatic bent on destruction. They want to make my time on this planet a living hell I’m sure of it. How can I ever escape my past?

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Whenever I hear the word “regret” I think of the Jay-z song “Regrets” and think of the line “Gotta learn to live with regrets.” Whenever I regret something, I think of that line. It works as a mantra, to now the point I can’t dwell on the past because I’ve learned to live with regrets.

I shared this in IOP tonight when a lady said she was struggling with regrets.

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You can’t escape your past, you can only realize that it is part of what makes you who you are, and love yourself anyway. If you met somebody who had struggled in their past, would you call them a monster or lunatic? Of course not!

You need to stop doing that to yourself, buddy. I think you are just projecting your internal struggle onto other people to try and rationalize your feelings. You just have to love yourself, I know it isn’t easy, but it will come if you work toward it, a little bit at a time.


you are a good person…you seem like an honest soul. :angel:
what people think of you is irrelevant…especially on facebook … !?! :imp:
what matters is what you think of yourself :heart:
take care :alien:



I think you’re suffering fixed false beliefs. That’s what the medication is for!


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[quote=“Kazuma, post:1, topic:34180”]
How can I ever escape my past?
[/quote]I highly doubt people are plotting against you. If they were truly antagonistic, they’ll get caught up in emotional turmoils of their own - let that be their justice.

You might be struggling with false thinking. It seems irrational that people who knew you on Facebook are thinking that deeply about you & your condition. Our own self-absorption tends to lead us to false self-projections about others.

Truth is, we simply don’t know what it’s like to “normal” anymore. So forget about it. Just focus on you & what you have to do. Become a bit more selfish and worry less about others.

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Its hard to be selfish sometimes. At least for me I find I think about others before myself

I don’t think people are plotting against you no matter what your past reveals. I would talk to my psychiatrist about it and perhaps get a med change up.

You’re probably right its just hard to distinguish between if people are for or against me. A lot seem to be mean and think I’m some sort of throw away weirdo. But that might also not be true. Its one of those things I’ll never really know i guess.

People probably arnt even thinking about you. I always have to remind myself of this, I’m not a ■■■■■■■ celebrity. I don’t even look good anymore, so people don’t even need to look at me.

Whenever I took public transport, I used to think people are plotting something against me. I always thought that people are gonna attack me, ridicule me, that they were talking bad stuff about me. But that was far from reality. It all was in my head. I think you are in a similar situation