People on TV are Really Vampires with Big Pockets !!


I Think the people running the Media are Selfish Vampires, That only care about Their own Pockets, Like Scrooge McDuck ! !

It Freaks me out and, it Becomes Very difficult To understand Right from, wrong - - Then

! !


The majority of people is selfish and bad and stupid. Evil is easy. Virtue is hard


What are you talking about? Where are you from? Are you reading the newspaper in North Korea?

Also…what are you being paid to plug?


I think I can understand where he’s coming from. Whenever I watch US talk shows I wonder who’s lining their pockets to present everything so one-sided. It’s still great entertainment, though.


Donald Trump, Money-hoarder > >


It’s All about Money > >


Really simple solution here: Turn off the TV. Pick up a book. Go for a walk. Maybe write or create something better.


The teevee is a time-eating garbage disposal. It’s like a black hole - you put time (and money) into it and get nothing in return. We have NO TV of any kind in our house. No cable, no Netflix, no on-demand whatever. Best thing we’ve done this year. Not entertaining, not funny, and not worth my time. I’ve done other things with my spare time (pick up shifts at work, play with my dog, video editing on the computer, chores around the house, learned new skills, the list goes on and on). If one is looking to be productive, minimizing/eliminating teevee is a great way to do so.