People on TV Are Looking Different Now

Do you have a favorite TV personality who has lasted 20 years or more. Notice some differences lately? Well nobody can get to salons or barber shops. So women have wrinkles, grey or even white hair, and don’t look so hot, and at times so do the men. Take a good look at what they really look like because I imagine they’ll look decades younger by the time the Worldwide crisis is over. In fact you may notice your relatives or partners looking different. They also may gain weight as well. Wouldn’t it be something if our obsession with our looks changed
due to the things going on at the current time?

I gave my partner a haircut, he looks better now.

This is a good point. I started thinking about this the other day when they were talking about all the salons being closed. All the hair coloring people have been doing will stop. A lot of people will grow their hair long. Many people will just shave their heads. Things will look different afterwards. It will be interesting to see.

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