People on Radio Appear to be Talking About me

I’ve been experiencing this situation when I listen to live radio at times. These are not “imagined” voices, but rather the actual radio/tv presenter saying things during the show.

Basically the woman on radio was announcing a competition that the station wanted the public to enter. She went on to describe the exact physical description of the type person she thought would be ideal enter. She was talking about someone is who relatively unattractive and in need of a makeover… As she described the physical traits of the person she felt would be ideal, it seemed to line up very uncannily to me. However, I am very aware of ideas of reference, and the tendency to link external random things to oneself.

So as she was talking I was trying to convince myself that she is simply talking generally. But then she proceeded to say even more oddly specific things about me, like describing the type of scrunchie (hair tie) the person would have in their hair, which seemed to coincide with mine. I was deeply offended lol. And I can’t shake the feeling that they were describing be.

On another occasion, I had been thinking a lot about someone I had dated in the past. The television was on, the news reporter said the name and surname of the person on tv. I didn’t catch the full context in which she said it but it was bizarre as I had been thinking about the person.

It has become difficult for me to see theses as delusions as they feel very real, because the people are actually saying these things. Do you have any experience with this and how do you you cope? I am on medication, I take Risperdal.

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For me it’s TV that talks about/to me

I know it feels very real, but it most likely isn’t. Schiophrenia is great at making unreal things feel eerily real.
It could easily have been a hallucination

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How do you cope with it? Is it generally negative things that are said to you?

Nope Nope nope. The radio is not talking to or about you.

No, it’s about saying out loud my own private thoughts. Or the crazy coincidences.
Typing the word “love” on my smartphone, and at the same time TV saying the same word.
I have no negative comments by tv

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I used to have them delusional thoughts as well. Risperidone didn’t help with that, but once I added a small dose of abilify those thoughts went away.

Nobody is talking about you, no one knows you from tv or radio. It’s a symptom of schizophrenia.

Coincidences can screw us up.


I see it like our brains are really good at making connections… but just because we connect certain dots does not make them real or true. if that makes sense. I always remind myself that there are 7 billion people out there, and I don’t know anyone who is on tv or radio personally, so they are definitely not talking to me or about me .
How long have you been taking your medication? I hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been on it for a while actually, several months. But I suspect I may have to up my dosage.

Keep on getting flagged here.

Not really. I don’t. It sounds like you are attributing unrelated things to yourself. Perhaps something I cannot relate to or understand. Initally, I didn’t read your post – just the title and responses. I’m sorry if I was triggering you.

Some people have loose associations. I’ve had that where I try to connect the dots. I had it with word searches and stuff.

I just hate radio. I prefer pandora or trance music. I cannot stand commercials. I often attribute stuff to myself like on youtube or the joe rogan show and others.

Some people call them synchronicities like when the clock shows 11:11. that’s all I experience. I shrug it off how. Used to bother me. Perhaps it’s just random statistics or probabilities or math. It’s bound to happen, no matter how illogical or unpredictable or unlikely. It’s just noise or nonsense.

I get it that comursals are talking about and songs on the radio and that it’s not realy talking about me but is coincidents about my delusions like the song the truth herts by lizzo when my voices say it’s the truth that lizard people run the world the after life with there minds and that we all get tortured after death and keep saying that it cant be true when my voices say it’s TRUE thus the name the truth herts

I get triggered by YouTube’s algorithm like I see certain videos pop up and think they’re about me or there is meaning behind it.

Where did you get the lizard idea? It’s probably somethng you watched or read even if you don’t want to admit it. I first heard about it from watching conspiracy videos.

Radio and TV talks to the majority of people that why its so popular. They talk about issues affecting most people to keep their audience happy.

You have the thought broadcasting delusion. It’s a hell of a thing to cure and deprogram out of your brain. Like a bad weed that entangles the garden of your mind.

I’m trying to fix it myself. Partway there, I feel. I have some ideas and treatments, am going to write a book about it if I ever get “out” fully.


Every time I’ve been psychotic I experience the exact same thing. Luckily for me, meds can control that delusion. If it doesn’t go away in a day or two I’d contact your pdoc. Definitely avoid drugs/alcohol and try to get some quality sleep in the meantime.


I got it from david icke

At first I thought it was evil psychis to at first though I consider them demons