People never appreciate

food they just eat it like they deserve it.

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Access to quality 100 percent whole food for the masses remains an arguable priority.

Quality 100 percent whole food consists of food from plants and animals. We are created to eat minerals from these two sources. We are not created to eat mineral salts (rock stone such as limestone) and industrialized chemicals found in supplements and food that are not 100 percent whole food.

I do not believe the masses deserve to eat loads of food containing rock stones such as limestone. Quality 100 percent whole foods can be offered instead.

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I like pizza pockets and macaroni and cheese, I wish I could live off it lol

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The only reason that i eat is because if i don’t it tortures me to death.

Food, an integral part of the curse that is earthen living.

And when it runs out we’ll all end up on the menu.

It is not too hard IMO to produce your own foodstuff, vegetable, milk, if you don’t have, barter. Land is abundant… no one should face starvation in a village