People mention alcohol and look at my reaction

At work maybe cuz I’m a driver I’m not sure. Probably not. Probably just a coincidence. But my driving coworker mentioned alcohol and looked for my reaction and I had no reaction at all because I have no interest in alcohol anymore.

Then the girl I drive home from work mentioned alcohol and looked for my reaction she seemed surprised when I had no reaction. The thought of alcohol doesn’t even x my mind or spark any response from me.


I guess that most people drink alcohol. And I used to. But not any longer. Meds block my cravings and I shouldn’t be drinking much on meds anyways.

I’m an oddity to be kinda an “ex alcoholic”. People don’t comprehend me. Because even alcoholics in recovery usually need meetings


Oh mate - Trust me I know. Theres quite a few people that think im being wierd simply cos i wont go for a lunch time pint with them anymore, (which always turned into a ten pint session anyway).

Unfortunatly the only way for me was isolating myself from those people - and spending time on my computers instead, using the money ive saved for software and games alike.

Its so socially acceptable these days to get pissed up down the bar on a saturday night - that its an uphill battle from the beginning when you have said you have quit.

I treasure my sobriety now - and my bank balance appreciates it as well.


I wonder if they had issues with this with other delivery drivers possibly.:thinking:

The first guy who asked me was a delivery driver. I just think he’s a social drinker not an alcoholic. Can control his drinking so it doesn’t interfere with his job, something I could’ve never done before meds.

The second person was the girl who is probably most in charge other than the owner. But she’s always saying “ I’m not the manager I’m not the manager”

Insisting she’s not against me in any way.

It was right as I was dropping her off she mentioned wine and was thrown off a little when I had no reaction at all. I don’t think she was testing me. But rather interested in my response maybe.


I think she was inviting you for wine. You missed an opportunity to get laid.

Lol I don’t like her like that anyways

But no there was a guy in the backseat I had to drive home to afterwards

They could possibly get in trouble if you were out drinking and driving on the job

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i used to be like that. no interest or thought at all about alcohol. I was mostly into sports and working out before I started drinking in college.

after I gave up my ambitions alcohol was always my go to. to replace the lack of purpose I had developed. then eventually, I got tired of drinking and started to sober up.

im trying to stay sober now. but I do think about alcohol at times. im more likely to substitute other substances to relax me when I need to calm down now. like cbd hemp flower or a couple cigarettes every once in a while. I should probably kick those habits too. but it just gets me further away from alcohol where I don’t think about it anymore.

today is a good day and im happy to be sober, which is my biggest struggle, is getting used to this new normal and a return back to my more youthful years. sometimes there is just nothing to do here and it makes me want to drink but not today.

I also don’t think I need AA but am thinking about going. to get me out of the house, meet a few people, and keep me sincere about staying sober. but sometimes I think it’s better to just forget the whole thing and get on with my new normal.

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Yeah before college I didn’t drink or do drugs. All I cared about was like sports and a few other things.

Then I started smoking pot at around my 18th birthday. Got arrested 6 months later for my last bowl of shake. Always loved pot the most. But then in community service I got peer pressured into alcohol and other drugs.

When I went on probation and couldn’t smoke weed anymore I became an alcoholic. And then had a bad shrooms trip that REALLY made it so I can’t smoke pot. And I drank more and more alcohol and couldn’t quit.

But then I take the meds I’m on now and my anxieties and cravings and stuff have gone away for alcohol and hallucinogens lol. Because I really shouldn’t have ever mixed sza with hallucinogens when I knew i had the illness. I’ve realized now.

But I’m in a pretty good place. No complaints. Maybe you can try naltrexone or ask your pdoc. It’s really helped me not drink. Gotta go to therapy. Ttyl.

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if you cant handle drink its better to steer clear of it, its great you dont think about it anymore,

my pal said the same sort of thing to me recently that he doesnt think about the drink anymore but he still takes the antabuse just in case,

he has got a bit of a codiene problem though which is very dangerous, i’ve been trying to say a few words here and there about it but i doubt he’ll listen to me, i hope he does but he usually just does his own thing.

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