People love making money off sz but never actually like to help

Little do the normals know im plotting to make money off them bwahahaha. Give me your money normals this is a mental stick up.


If you collect SS, we kind of already do :smiling_imp:


People love to make money off of anything. The power of greed.

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How many scratch-offs did you purchase? LOL

Apparently I was denied because my other half didn’t fill out the paperwork. Ugh. seriously I was denied because: you didn’t apply. Like wtf I went into the social security office and everything.

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They mailed me everything I needed to fill out. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories online but I found the whole process to be easy. Even the estimated wait times were pretty dead on. Guess I was a lucky one

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lol. Good for you. :cry:

Wasn’t trying to rub it in, sorry. Can’t you re-apply?

Exactly keep collecting. Its our time to shine

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Since schizophrenia is not curable and the science of dealing with the issues of the brain is fairly new they unfortunately can do no more than give us drugs that we either pay for or have the government pay for. If we pay for it the normals are making money off of us. If the tax payers pay for it the normals are generally making money off of other normals with the exception of people with schizophrenia who also work. Because of the politics in the United States working while on SSI and taking expensive medicine destroys the incentive to achieve since you are limited in what you can earn without losing the benefits that pay for your medicine that many jobs we can get can’t pay for. Losing the medicine generally makes us unable to work. It’s a catch 22 situation when you are on SSI. The normals actually get a worse deal than we do since they generally pay for it in that case through taxes. I hope that the Mental Parity Act actually changes that although I fail to see how some health insurance companies would be willing to pay for some of the meds.

I’m currently in the process of ssdi. They siad it would take about four months for a response. When it happens im going to only work a short period of time each week. The rest of the time will be meditation and figuring out ways in dealing with my companion “schizophrenia”.