People irl get disappointed when i tell them im a gamer

one of my neigbors said, “you bored or something” when i told them I’m gonna play rts or fps. srs


Meh. Don’t listen to them. Do what you love and want. It’s your life! But it’s the stigma around the word “gamer” that probably makes me them say that. Just as long as you take care of yourself too! :blush:

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what are those games?

rts = real time strategy and fps = first person shooter


I support your gaming!

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I had a dream last night I should get video games…but I’d get bored too quick…like everything else I attempt to do

well, right now im into cs:go. previously, i was into warcraft 3 frozen throne. may pick up overwatch, dota, or starcraft 2 in the future. strictly pc gamer

Im playing hearthstone all day. Hard core pwning, almost legend :grin:

i play on xbox and occasionally on pc. get overwatch great game!

“Yeah. I’m bored. You have any other ideas for stuff that I can do?”