People insinuating

At one point in my history I had people actually insinuating I should commit suicide. It is impossible to say the rage and the hatred I feel because of that. I have zero empathy and zero sympathy for people who would do that.

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History is past and today is present. No one is powerful than your own self so no one can force you to do what you do not want to. I am glad that it is not happing to you now but when ever you feel the way, just talk to your doctor or those who are close to you.

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It was in the past, but now they’re trying to terrorize me into being homosexual, and that makes me just as angry. Like I said, I have zero empathy and less sympathy for people who would do that.

Feeling rage is normal, crimby. May I ask, what other things make you angry and what you generally do when you are angry?
I mean for example I sit quietly and think of some other matters in my life. Then after sometime the rage just vanishes. One other thing that I do at the end, forgive the person who triggered anger in me. That works perfectly for me. If you want to try this :wine_glass:

In America it is common that people may say suicidal people things like that. There have been cases when somebody had been jumping off the bridge and people in their cars have encouraged this person to do so.In some countries it may be illegal to do so and some ‘Duty to rescue’ laws exist.

One thing that angers and scares me is when people who are beyond the range of what you would normally think would be their range of awareness of me come across very judgemental of me. One thing that really angers me is when someone does something messed up to me and then implies - you just have to take this.

I don’t think people have a “duty to rescue” me, but I do think they should be responsible if they try to push me off the rail.

This has nothing to do with “duty to rescue”. These people were implying that I should commit suicide - a lot of people. It was coming from a lot of different directions.