People inside your body

reminds me of a cartoon strip called ‘the numbskulls’ which i like to read sometimes and the characters are inside the main characters body trying to control him and sometimes making mistakes, its pretty funny actually and very informative concerning the body.

       when I first read your statement i thought that it was one of my writings. I get the same thing everyday. They dont get inside my body as much anymore, but they still talk through me. When it's somebody strong speaking through me I have a real good time, but when it's somebody weak, I have to battle them away. From my experience only god can help, professionals don't even know what your talking about. They just assume there is something physically wrong with your brain. It's alot like assuming there is something wrong with your telivision when you don't like what is being played on it. There is nothing wrong with the television, and there is nothing wrong with your brain. Just people in the astral ■■■■■■■ with you.

I know this probably will not work or maybe not the same religion you are, but say to the voices,“I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.”

Its hard to exorcise someone who is a real person in your body when u don’t know how they came to be in your body in the first place. Of course they never tell me how they do this. Maybe it is an astral thing. I tried to exorcise what ever beings in my body but this did not work even though i tried to believe. A Catholic priest blessing one’s house and room, a buddhist spiritual person trying to get the beings out of my body with spiritual protection. Don’t have much hope for myself sometimes. Are they spiritual or physical? Is there a scientific reason or way they do this to another person.

“Only god can help,” I feel you have experienced what I have before. Praying to God does help me at night. I do take my meds, I felt body being possessed and people talking through me. But they don’t leave me alone. I think they are referred to as skins.

I dated a woman years ago who had been convinced at one point in her past that there was a man inside her mattress. He was invisible and would come out sometimes in the middle of the night and try to rape her. She says she eventually threw this mattress down an eight story stairwell and ended up being sent to the hospital because of it. She was diagnosed schizophrenic but had never had an episode or any other symptoms other than experiencing the man in the mattress.