People in Hollywood

I keep thinking people in Hollywood are clones and were killed off. I think it’s all satanic. Is this delusional? There’s websites dedicated to this stuff.

That’s not true. They’re real people. Some are good, some aren’t. It’s just like any other group of people. But they’re definitely real


Does anyone else believe in the Hollywood clone conspiracy like me?

They are real people.

Just like us.

Well, with more money, but basically just like us.

Why would they be clones?

What’s the benefit of that?

And clones of who?

It just doesn’t make sense.

I just feel like its all satanic. Like the devil kills people to get their soul early.

Have you ever heard or met the devil?

Who is the devil?

I think my boyfriend might be the devil.

A fallen angel.

What makes you think that?

I don’t believe in this. It sounds unreal to be honest…

He told me he was a fallen angel and he is weird. He knows a lot of things.

Has he gone to see a pdoc yet?

Sounds like he might be unintentionally feeding your delusions.

No he doesn’t think he has problems.

Oh I see. That’s tricky then. Don’t know what to suggest.

If he’s telling you he’s the devil why the hell is he telling you such a weird thing.

I hope he’s not doing it on purpose.

He really needs to see a pdoc, somehow. It could get worse. If he’s unwell.

Is this the boyfriend tripping on LSD?

Seriously. You exhibit totally delusional thought and it seems the only person you have in your corner is tripping. There’s a problem there for sure and your listening to the wrong people.

You don’t think you have problems and you really do…Please keep with the medical help and lose your bf. You’ll be better off.

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You sound like one of these right wing cult followers.
Yes it’s delusional.

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I used to believe it before treatment because I saw it on youtube. It makes no sense now. They are normal people like you.

No it’s my ex-boyfriend, not my current boyfriend.

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