People in dreams

do you see people in your dreams whom you do not know?

It intrigues me. Every night I dream dreams which are bizarre and vivid and colourful and also see a lot of different people.

On the wedding day I saw my uncle who had passed away.

I believe in dreams and souls who have passed away at this point in my life.


I read once every person you see in dreams you have seen in real life, even if it is just someone you passed on the street


yeah I have read that too which is amazing :o)

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Wut if you dream about someone your in love with? Does that mean shes thinking about me?





Definitely!!! 152515

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I’ve dreamt of people I don’t know. It happened yesterday. I dreamed of some girl and her brother. We just talked but I can’t remember about what.

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I’ve had people appear in dreams I don’t know, like if I’m in a crowded room. Though I think I may have seen their faces somewhere, online, random person on the street, (just don’t know them) someone not famous on TV…though 99% of my encounters are with people I know, or know of (like celebrities…I’ve had quite a few dreams with the guys from Ghost Adventures…) but mostly it’s either people I know or family.

I get a lot of dreams of people who have passed. I do not think I’m psychic, but some of the dreams have certain feelings and images from say my grandfather on my dad’s side…he’s appeared many times just “checking in” it seems like. I’ve dreamt of pets that have died too, like our last dog I see a lot of time outside playing either in a wooded area, or in a field of sunflowers. Once in a while I’ll have a dream where he comes into my room and tries to wake me up to take him out.

Again I don’t think they’re psychic dreams…I think maybe it’s just my mind processing mixed emotions about things, or my subconscious is thinking of someone or something and it shows up in a dream.

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What if you dream of someone you love that tries to kill you (in the dream) and years later it turns out to be true - figuratively, not literally.

I meet strangers in my dreams.
It’s interesting and I feel like I’m invading their world.

I hope you are safe?! :flushed:

As a person living with sz, can I take my dreams serious?

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You are right. I don’t take my dreams too seriously either.

I read that your brain can’t create new faces so instead it uses people who you pass on the street and you don’t consciously remember them but your brain subconsciously does, so apparently everyone you meet in your dreams you have encountered in real life in some way. Interesting.

I think there is a distinct different between personal beliefs and psychotic beliefs. Psychotic beliefs give power to the individual or puts them under a spotlight, believing one has magical abilities or is the center of some grand plan. However thoughts about what the afterlife is like and if there is one, belief in the nonphysical or lack of belief, these are spiritual/religious preferences. If it revolves around you it’s a delusion, if it revolves around how the world, universe and metaphysical works it is a belief.

Unfortunately with psychosis the two can become so easily intertwined people will recommend against delving into any kind of spiritual beliefs and that’s sad, but in some cases necessary.

I have a belief system that I consider to be separate from my psychosis.

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