People here seem very egotistic

I noticed that too on this forum. I would hypothesize that high functioning schizophrenics who are able to consistently post on an online forum are more likely to suffer ego supporting delusions, such as delusions of reference, grandeur and conspiracy centered around them. For this reason they seem more egotistical than the normal population, or indeed, schizophrenics who suffer from delusions which damage or draw attention away from the ego.

If you have ever been in the grip of really extreme positive or negative symptoms then you know how isolated and sensitive you become. Because people lead a life where their perceptions, pain, and general experiences are truly their own, it is not surprising that schizophrenics tend to care only about themselves. Because our condition is rare we often find ourselves surrounded by normies who are on an entirely different wavelength.

Even among fellow sufferers we find ourselves struggling with different issues, in your case, insomnia and cognitive impairment among other issues. For others somnolence and an overactive mind.

Basically, we feel like freaks because we have to take big tablets all the time and routinely have experiences no one else does.

Relapse can be devastating, we are all at risk of it at any given moment and it can negate years of progress.

The medications we take can have extreme effects which lead to us feeling less or more than normal. Transitioning from normal neurotransmission to a high dose of Zyprexa is a dramatic change. In addition to looking different you will find that you percieve the world and yourself differently when you are on psych meds.

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Just remember, when someone is in the agony of psychosis, and their fight or flight response is constantly engaged, all that is on their mind is saving themselves from percieved threats. In other words, when self preservation seems to be a dominant mindset for an individual for whatever reason, that individual may find it easier to forget the needs and emotions of others.

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I haven’t see any support for this rant. It seems to me that people are really trying to help eachother here. Maybe that’s just a delusion


You forget that talking about this illness IRL isn’t really an option for a lot of people. This place is the only outlet for a lot of people who have no one to ask questions to in their lives.


When you try to persuade people with insults they’re not going to buy whatever you’re selling.

You’re much more likely to persuade people by giving them their freedom to choose.


The lunatic is on the grass. The lunatic is in my head.


Egoless is the complete opposite. You are the third-person and everyone else is the first-person. You look at things from their perspectives while being aware of how people perceive you. You are not looking for their ‘personalities’; you look for their ‘intentions’, or the meaning behind their actions/words.

egoless (ˈiːɡəʊlɪs, ˈɛɡəʊlɪs)
having no ego, or not having an inflated view of one’s self-importance
She was terribly humble

Yeah its hard for me to be supportive and get support the ego gets in the way

think about others and not just yourself with no ego is really a treasure

I’m sorry you feel that way, @Erez_Shmerling

I personally tend to come to this forum when I’m not feeling well, and when I’m not feeling well, it’s hard to care for anyone, including myself.
It’s hard to focus on other people when you’re struggling to keep yourself alive, and I do wish I had the capacity to show others that I do care, but often, I’m unable to find the right words to do so, and so I choose to write nothing at all.

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I also offer a lot of support/help/friendship etc and talk to everybody and sometimes give advice if it is appropriate.
Lots of people have helped me here, so feels OK to talk about my problems and vice versa.

Also loneliness makes you like this… IMO When you are not surrounded with a lot of people and problems/ you focus on yourself? what do you think? I’ve seen you post a lot about yourself too :smile:


I don’t think I’m egotistical at all…

I handle being THE GREATEST POSTER EVER TO GRACE THIS FORUM with modesty, discretion and panache!



I agree with you in encouraging more compassion but offering advice… :cold_sweat: I don’t know if offering instruction is actually offering advice. The forum doesn’t welcome instructions, I try to avoid it as much as I could.