People doing things to me

Someone made me paler than I usually am,
putting something in my skin product, There is someone doing things to me also, please help, sometimes from the inside and out, pray for better thoughts

yea… I use to get those back in the early days of schizophrenia… it’s best just to suck it up am move to the middle of nowhere :smile:
so how long you been a schizophrenic?

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I bet you’re a little more self secluded. You may have simply naturally paled because you’re inside more often.

Delusions and paranoia are a hard symptom to have insight on, please stay safe!

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if your a new schizophrenic, It helps to move somewhere quiet without people constantly talking outside…

I will be soon moving, I hope I will be ok till then, some people test me, I don’t know why they torment me or want me dead I dont know who they are, just need some help getting them out of my mind
I don’t believe in aliens, vampires, and werewolves although they try to convince me they exist.

the truth is… those people you think are tormenting you, are just the same TV that talks to you, you just see them as people instead of the TV… and back in the days before TVs were invented, schizophrenics were talked to by newspapers; reading it thinking there is a secret message being sent to them through the newspapers… People like us always gonna feel like some message is being sent to us, either through the TV talking to us, of the voices of strangers minding their own business having their own conversations, or like the old days, the daily newspapers… It’s best to just understand you mind just wants you to listen to them like they’re talking to you, but they’re really not, they probably just talking about the football match last night, or some hot girl they saw. Just ignore it all and get use to it, coz it’s for life and won’t stop tomorrow or next week, so stop stressing about it and accept it us your life. don’t be fooled thinking it’s people talking. If you can’t handle hearing them, just move somewhere quiet and you won’t have to listen to them talk.

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do you exercise? you should try it// a gym cardio program, something to get you big and strong… heard it has an effect on schizophrenics… makes them less schizophrenic

google ‘P90X’… its an orderly workout routine; you just need to follow a time table so no much work from your side. besides, better than wasting your time thinking about voices all day.

@ThePoorRichMan man you don’t seem to be helping this guy at all…he is delusional and you are suggesting he move to a spot far from people and working out?

@see121 please tell your psychiatrist about what you are experiencing…he can help you…I am sorry you are ill.

you’d be suprised// half of the voices input schizophrenics get come from the noise pollution outside… so get rid of the noise pollution and the symptoms are less servere

like most of you probably noticed it’s always more peaceful when everybody’s asleep… like no noise pollution

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