People can see the real me

Me being on camera was scary at first because I have anxiety and had it since I was 19. So I always needed my private time because of the anxiety. Finding out I was on camera freaked me out but now I’m just learning to be true to myself, and people see the real me. No more putting up a persona. I’m me, plain ol’ corky me.


great…do you have a nice personailty…

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I believe I do.

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How can I recover from this delusion? Anyone have any ideas?

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Do you have any hobbies…maybe involve others in them

No I dont have any hobbies, right now I’m trying to figure how to lose this weight while on this ap. I’m afraid to go outside or to the gym.

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You can lose a lot of weight by portion control. I lost 41 pounds last year by portion control. Each serving of food was the size of the front of my first. Four fingers wide and 5 long.

This weight loss was without adding exercise. If I’d been exercising it’d have been even more!

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I think my problem is that I am not active. I only eat twice a day, but I’m sedentary most of the day.

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Best to stay home because of the Corona virus. But I am going to go out tomorrow to meet a friend.

Yea I heard it’s getting worse and its reaching every state. But what is so different from this virus and Ebola? Eventually the United States will figure out a way to stop it from spreading.

People don’t see the real me. They try to make me look bad. I hope I will make it instead of being murdered. I feel judged by celebrities and insipid people.

I’m from CA. How about you? It’s ok if you want to keep it private.

Maybe diet. I have people plotting to kill me outside. I don’t get them. What did I do that was so bad? How can I protect myself?

Do you hear people talk about you? I’m from Alabama. I feel like someone is going to hurt me too.

You didn’t do anything. You are safe. It’s only the voices that you are experiencing. It’s not real. How long have you been experiencing this?

Yes I hear people. I hope they don’t give me the Corona virus. They keep flashing images at me, people I know. I am so scared about what celebrities think. They don’t care about me.

For 4 years, now it is much worse because I am getting my life threatened and thinking intrusive thoughts. I have people enter my body and pointing everything wrong with me.

What do you do when you hear people talking about you? And how long have you been dealing with this?

What do you do when you hear people talking about you?

I try to ignore them and keep safe.

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