People can hear my thoughts

I suffer from Schizo affective disorder and before I got on the right meds, others were able to hear my thoughts- even while I was in the hospital. It took several days for the medicine to kick in.

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I hear no voices lately. But i have grandiose ideas and solipsism

My voices are so real I’m fully convinced someone is telepathically communicating with me. But like others said if it was a real thing it would be known by now

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Sometimes people can sense my thoughts and I can sense their thoughts. It makes me extremely uncomfortable when this happens. So much that I can’t handle it. I have to hide.

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Voices, religious delusions, telepathy, paranoia, and a host of negatives

I think people can read my mind and respond to random things with their spirits

Actually I have telepathic experiences all the time, I just keep my mouth shut about it, I don’t want to make my whole family go crazy but in fact you could say these telepathic experiences are pretty “real”. And I know there are a lot of people out there pretending be psychics and they’re fake, but I’m a real and powerful one, not even my meds can block it. Or maybe I’m delusional :frowning:

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I often feel like people can hear what i’m thinking. I tend to stay away from social situations a lot because of this.

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Me too. Actually my voices tell me other people’s thoughts.

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Wow. So like are we paranoid or wat

I’ve been through it, you think people hear your thoughts and are acting towards you in a way that reflects this. It’s always false, nobody can ready anybody else’s mind. The voices might tell you that you’re right, reinforcing the belief, but they are just hallucinations.

Yea. I know. I think certain things bring it out in me

I had a date with a guy last night and it was crap

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