People call me "too serious"

I don’t like to be called that way.
I don’t even know why people call me that way.
Well, I don’t laugh much, don’t joke at all.
I am serious about getting better.
Do they want me to change to a more funny, laughing person?
What do they want from me?
Or, are they seious persons themselves so that they project thier own denied charactor on to me?
“Too serious” is not a compliment, so why do they need to say that?

It’s probably because they are so relaxed and don’t like tense people. I’m a pretty tense person so I get where your coming from. There is nothing wrong with. Don’t let it get to you them people are probably pretty stupid you have to be to relax in this world. Sorry your sz I hope things get better.


I am a tense person too, but I am more tense in front of seemingly relaxed people. Because really relaxed people can make me relax too. So I think they are fake.

They are not fake they are just thin. They take the path of least resistance and just enjoy the ride. I’m certain most of them have their own issues but not thinking is an art which naturally to some.

Yes, I think some people are naturally that way, and I think it’s perfectly ok.
What I was trying to say is that some poeple who apear to be relaxed or call themselves relaxed are superficial, because if they really relaxed, they can relax me too.

I think that my seriousness makes such people nervous because they have seriousness too, but they probably denied it. So that is probably the reason why they call me that way… just as they deny their own charactor, they deny the same cahractor in me.

I’m not sure of the truth, but this is what I think.

Yeah that makes sense. I think there is a natural force that makes people try and relax when they could be or even should be stressed. What you say makes complete sense. You’re right :).

Thanks :smiley:

People tend to like being fun and light-hearted. Someone being serious makes it hard for others to relax. So I guess they ask you to lighten up so they can create a nice space to relax in.

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I am a serious person also,I seldom joke,only once in a while

Not sure if it’s due to sz, I can’t lighten up, I always feel down.

If I could, I already would have…

Give it time man. Try listening to some stand up comedy. Hold on to the things that make you laugh.

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I can laugh to a comedy with no pressure but I feel pressured to be funny in front of some kind of people.

I tend to smile even if I’m feeling anxious. It puts other people at ease and they leave you alone for the most part.
I hide how I really feel since its hard to relate to others. That’s not very good I know but it keeps people from bothering me about being tense.


People at work were always telling me to smile or asking me why I don’t smile. If I force myself to it comes out fake which is even worse.

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I know what you mean.
If we could be like @Djinn, then things would be better.

I have a question, @Djinn, are there any tips on smiling even when anxious?
Don’t you feel worse afterwards?

I totally agree with what you have said and i think it’s important as an etiquet to not be so unexpectedly quiet or serious to other people.

It just takes a bit of practice really. I pay close attention to how people behave and I just copy what they do. I also limit my interaction with people so I don’t get overwhelmed and anxious.

I tend to feel a bit worn out afterwards, but I feel back to normal after I rest. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to keep up my facade.

I see,

Well, I hope I will be able to do that as well, and that people stop bothering me!


Hmmm. Very honest. A facade is not necessarily dishonest.

I guess you could say I’m just faking it until I make it. Plus I’d rather that people not concern themselves with me. I really hate being a bother.