People being rude

How should I handle rude people :thinking:, is it best to ignore or say something? Also there is someone who is making me trip, drop things, and also have a terrible cough. I have never had to deal with people like this. I don’t even want to talk to them.

Pick your battles. Sometimes it’s cool to say something, other times it might backfire on you.

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How is someone doing this?


Who? Are you sure? I don’t know how another person can cause health ailments or clumsiness


People think they can attack me from my mind and body or get into my body :unamused:, I had a lot of people do this. It is my body but I don’t know what to do. Is it by magnets, spiritually, but I am afraid. They are really disrespectful.

I hope someone can help you make sense of all this. I have tons of stuff in my own head that makes it difficult to know what is or isn’t really going on. Hopefully, someone else chimes in.

These are positive symptoms. The best fix is to talk to your treatment team about more meds or different meds to stabilize you.


I know. I hope everything will be okay. I am glad I have my family, my husband, and my friends :two_hearts:. I have this person who wants to be me but I told her she couldn’t. Before this problem, i was pretty outgoing, and knew my own mind. No one was trying to live in my body or make bizarre threats, or hurt me, I’ve had people that I knew before in the past try to do this even though I wouldn’t do the same. I feel my thoughts are not my own thoughts too. It is very confusing, I felt I had more of my own body, hair, and mind 2 years ago. I weigh less or the same but my body is a different size. I was paler before and had thicker hair. Sometimes I am quiet about my problem because I don’t know what to do. It is unbelievable, but I’ve well known people make mean, insensitive comments and threats. Is there antidote for my problem :confused: ? People jump inside my body trying to change my chest, nose, face, or eyes. I just want to be left alone :pensive:. If someone could undo what they have done or I looked better maybe.

I think majority seem to be incredibly disrespectful and rude.

The ones who have had an easy privileged life are the worst.
They think they are superior because they have education or money n status in their hierarchy way of thinking.

They look down at me , ignore me and talk over the top of me and suppress me.
I rather be alone than with people who treat me that way even my own family treat me that way.
I can’t stand being around them for it.

Very few people I’m comfortable with and who treat me right.

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