People being jealous

felt for quite some time now that people are jealous of me. People who know me. Had a few things happen like hacked accounts to explain it too. But the anxiety and anger it causes me I’m wondering if it’s an unusual belief.

Our minds play tricks on us. Before I was medicated I also believed people were hacking me and stuff. I used to change my passwords regularly. You should get strong passwords for your accounts…that way nobody can hack you. My passwords are some so complex I keep them all in a password protected file cause I tend to forget them. Some people are jealous but most people mind their own bussines. Do not make people strangers from you just because you think they’re jealous cause that is how I lost a lot of friends.

Are you able to pinpoint specifically why you think they are jealous? Or specifically what you think they are jealous of? Sometimes asking the nitty-gritty questions can help me reveal a paranoid fear.

Thank you. I reset my passwords recently and reset before shutting Facebook down. Mine are also complex.

There is no denying when you get hacked though. Getting hacked is getting hacked.

I won’t really go into myself.

Have a good day all.