People at work can tell I'm 'off'

They eventually catch on to my ■■■■■■-up-ness…

I’m gonna go eat a fat fat burrito so I don’t have to deal with my feelings of rejection

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keep cool. take meds. I believe in you.

the longer you hold that job, the better your resume becomes!

Hey today everyone found out. Had a huge argument with the voices today for 30 minutes back and forth going at it. They said I was unreachable and speaking in a word salad until my boss sat next to me and started asking hey you alright etc etc. Then got sent to medical and talked to the corpsman (navy doc) and was understanding and aware of what I have so she was cool enough to let me take up a room whenever I have a bad moment. Thr bad hallucinations have been happening very frequently lately whike being on meds :confused: but everyone at work seems understanding


@SailorTheFox59. Have you been med boarded yet? I did my last four years in the Marine Corps with schizophrenia. They were tolerable with me in spite of being very sick.


I’m really proud of the way our armed forces are handling this in both your situations @SailorTheFox59 @TomCat

I hope you get better @SailorTheFox59.

@TomCat Not yet. I’m still on limdu. For past 9 months so itl be some time before they start the process. @metime yes I hope so too and I’m glad everything has been smooth with the military about this.

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