People Are Robots

People Are Robots, that’s why we suck at doing a right kind of a change.


Essentially we are! It is just that we have the delusion and illusion of free will to contend with.


I always heard we are cattle.

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‘Tallk it is cheap. People follow like sheep even though there is nowhere to go.’

From an old 60’s song


I walk and act like a robot caused by large doses antipsychotics. But I’m still finding it better to be a robo than being dead

I don’t know, will Robert ever have a conscience?

Before medicine i was potato so in my case better to be a robot than potato😄

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Plant-based robot is interesting unlock our counter partner made of metal and circuits

With my hip replacement and my eye surgery and other things I would reconsider the cyborg without the collective

I wish I was a robot. With my luck I’d be a malfunctioning robot

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We are programmed by out environment, Robots, but most people are in a state of denial about the reality that we share. We might all be looking for a reason to believe that existence is a real excuse not to exist. Everything nowadays are programmed even the time schedule for the bingo game.

I also believe they’re soulless robots.

Some of my screws are loose in my head literally.

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