People are repeating my inward thoughts

Has medication helped to alleviate the problem in any way?

How long have you been experiencing this? Has medication helped with the problem, as people here are suggesting? If not, is there anything you do to help you cope?

OKAY OKAY…I cant remember fi I have seen you on this forum before…Like what do you think about?? Do you have an interesting idea?

The APs don’t help for me, but ADs help my mood some.

I blame the matrix for the coincidences

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Are you feeling like the medication you are on is helping? Are there people in your life who can speak to that as well? These are the types of questions that are good for doctors. If you want a diagnosis, I believe there are agencies who do this, well at least in Canada. Not sure where you are though. Here you have to go to the Canadian Mental Health. They have a lot of resources including how to get a different doctor.

My brain doesn’t have anything like that, completely normal. Had lots of brain scans when I was having seizures. I’m reluctant to believe that this is the sole cause of schizophrenia.

Hi. Thank you for responding.

I feel that the medication has helped to an extent because I don’t experience any of the other symptoms I had whatsoever. The only thing really that lingers is the thought broadcasting where people say out loud what I’m thinking, as well as being hyper-aware of coincidences. My dad tells me all the time that he feels I’ve improved significantly, so there’s that. I do think I’m highly functional in my day to day life overall.

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Your lucky not everyone gets better.

Hi, I have a thought broadcasting problem too. In trying to understand how this happens I came across this answer a user provided in reddit. It is regarding your particular symptom. I have others.

Thanks, that’s really insightful. I’ve never messed around with drugs though, so my situation certainly isn’t drug induced. But a scientific explanation as to how this occurs definitely helps more than some of the mystical explanations I’ve received out there in the world lol.

It takes time for the meds to work and to get on the right meds, its a trail and error. But sounds like your heading for remission

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My thought broadcasting(as in witnessing people repeat my thoughts verbatim,along with appropriate lip movements) started after couple weeks of using nootropics.Which are brain boosting supplements that directly effect the neurotransmitters in your brain.One time I took about 15 grams of Phenibut(about 5 times the recommended maximum dose).A couple of days later,the thought broadcasting started.Do you think my abuse of these supplements may have caused this?!?

It happened to me after I abused Piracetam for over a year.

I think these nootropics shred your blood-brain barrier.

■■■■!!!I had a feeling that nootropics was the cause,dammit. Would you care to share in detail what causes the blood brain barrier deterioration that causes the broadcasting?

I don’t know if you have seen it yet,but I asked for you to explain with some detail on what exactly happened when our blood brain barrier got damaged.It’s okay if you don’t care to go into detail.However is there a way for us to fix or blood brain barrier and stop the real thought broadcasting?

I’ll DM you my blog link.

Hi. Would you mind sending me your blog link as well. I’m interested in knowing more about the causes of thought broadcasting.

Hey not to burst your bubble or anything,but I believe that you and I may actually be broadcasting.every single case of thought broadcasting that I have seen on the web,never describe their experience as other people literally repeating their thoughts verbatim.They describe as seeing people visually react, cough in reaction, or hearing people say things that they think have relevance to their thoughts

You are not broadcasting. Don’t you think people would react with shock if they really heard your thoughts? That’s not normal.

Send me too… . …