People are Reading My Mind, and I am Reading Theirs Back. Both Are Torture

At dinner table, I sit with the same group of people every day, and it is torture. I don’t hear voices or anything, but I am very paranoid of these two people at the table and they know every thing that I am thinking, and it is very hard for me to cover up what I am thinking while I am eating or waiting for my meal. Sometimes, I try to read, or play with my smart phone, and that works, but, then the supervisor gets mad at me for playing with my phone, or reading at the dinner table. She just yells at me to put it away. I could move to another table, but, I know from hard experience, that my disease just manifests in a different location somewhere else. (You take your head everywhere you go).

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Sounds like Ratched needs to chill the hell out. Who cares if someone reads or looks at their phone while waiting to eat.

be4 i had parents can read my mind my friend can read my mind.when i feel confident or pretend.they scored me.some people r different.they r smart quick react.talkative.nothing u can do .if u wanna happy then be a backstabber.
gossip to the people who mad at you.but it not allowed to in our rules

its conditioned responds

or u stud more people then they can’t control

u need more social life.ur life is too simple.everybody knows ur life

also don’t eat will do u good.but the results u won’t see immediately.will take many years.but u will find better and better

don’t need feel bad about. they can be alien and animals.
when the dream comes true u also need pay for it.

its nothing.they can’t control.we r same

I’m sorry to hear they don’t understand the use of your phone is a distraction/redirection tool. I use mine in the same way.



I’ve had this too. Do you have meds? In that case maybe you need an adjustment? Talk to your pdoc about this. My mindreading is almost gone with meds. But not completely.

No one can read your mind, and you can’t read others minds. Some times we just percieve things, like gestures or faces that lead us to understanding what others are going through.

Also, this illness plays tricks with your mind. Don’t believe it.

Meds help, and if you’re already on them, maybe you need an adjustment. Talk to your pdoc.

Solid points Minnii, as usual:-) I had this same thing happen to me late last week. I was already super-focused and having an exacerbation of my symptoms; when I walked into work I immediately turned and looked into a co-workers eyes and I just KNEW that he could tell what I was thinking. Of course he couldn’t, and my pdoc told me as much on the phone later that day. I think as we become hyper-sensitive to surrounding input it feeds more and more into how we are feeling.

Yeah, I get that. When I was 15 I thought people could read my mind and thought that was normal. Than that passed, I realized they couldn’t from what they said, and because one boyfriend actually asked me what I was thinking, lol…

Then at 25/26 it returned stronger than ever, and I was sure I could communicate telepathically with others. Was a mess… I just sat there, quiet and talked as little as possible…

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I had this thing, too. I finally gave up and when I felt sure that someone was reading my mind, I’d just imagined a big neon sign in my head like at the “entry of my mind” that said, "Mind reading is unconstitutional. I have a right to mind privacy."

That kind of helped when I was too delusional to realize people cannot read thoughts, just some can read body language and that’s about it. lol, even in my delusions, I was really concerned about my constitutional rights!



Ahaha! Great one, we should do a billboard and put it as a sticky note on the forum

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Reading other people’s minds causes just as much pain and torture as other people reading your own mind, believe me! And when both are happening all at once, it’s doubly worse.

When I read people’s mind’s, I sense that they are thinking real, real horrible, bad thoughts about me, and I can’t stop their thoughts. They are not saying these things out loud. But, in their heads. Then, they usually start reading my mind too, and then they can sense what I am thinking about them, which are usually fearful thoughts, like, “What can they see in my mind now?”, and “How can I hide this from them?”

I totally agree here. But, unfortunately, this woman practically rules this place.