People always grounded me

In reality that is. I could be going through the craziest or most horrible things, but as soon as I was around people and socializing it’s like everything would just stop immediately. And things would be normal again. And it could even leave me in a better mood and more stable for a while.

My old friend who also has psychosis that I had a reunion with today though, people don’t have that mollifying/grounding effect for her. They can even make her symptoms worse. I think for her and others who experience this people realize they are ill much sooner.

It’s kind of like if you were stranded on a deserted island but made friends with mermaids in the sea. The island is blistering hot and miserable, but when you’re swimming with the mermaids you’re nice and cool. So when you tell them how you’ve burned and struggled on the island they’re confused because they never see you like that, but that’s because whenever you’re around them you’re in the cool ocean.

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I remember before I was on medication, there was a time I caught the train somewhere and was in public and my insanity and agitation lessened at that moment and I was thinking more reasonable.

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