Penis envy

It wasn’t the envy of the organ so much as it was envying the special rights implied by it. I was born in 1944 and things have changed a lot. But, when I was young, boys were favored so much in regard to activities they were given to do, that, yes, I was blind with jealousy.


My fiancee wishes she had one. And there is still very much sexism in the world. In Oklahoma where I am there are many individuals who I would call “closed-minded” who still view women as a weaker sex.

Furthermore, being gay myself I have had many a conversation with men who believe that a woman needs a man and the superiority complex that is responsible for those statements makes me sick.

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That a woman belongs under one man’s thumb. That’s not much of a life.

In my family, All of us boys have something wrong with us. I’m SZ, my slightly younger brother is going through something dark, the next down fights depression, the youngest is bipolar 1. My dad has fought depression. My Uncle? Also SZ.

My Mom, my Aunts and my sis? strong, mostly healthy and in control. This family makes very strong independent females. I’m a little envious of them.

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I agree. Even for my heterosexual peers… I pity the fools who believe this because of societies brainwashing. Women these days grow up being told by society that they need to make themselves into a sexual object for men. They are not encouraged to be independent, strong and confident. They are constantly told they need to buy this product or that product to look pretty.

And we wonder why the suicide rate is still climbing.

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Having a ■■■■■ isnt all that great…sometimes we get random erections and its like talking to a dog like “what is boy? did you see something?”

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I envy mens’ brute strength. The ability to walk down the street without having to check if some creep is following you. The ability to go talk to someone cute (if you are straight) who couldn’t decide to take a drunken swing at you and knock your lights out. I doubt most women could knock a guy cold in one shot.
It is still very sexist where I live, but I have a loving supportive partner who doesn’t act like it is my job to have dinner on the table or clean his place for him. I do make/bring him food because I love him and I like feeding people. To me feeding someone is a way of expressing affection and love. But we don’t view it as my duty to him. Now that I am stronger (for the most part thanks to him) I would probably spit in the face (not literally) of anyone who told me that was my duty to anyone. Except my parents. They pay my bills. I don’t see it as fair to take without giving.

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Depends where and what street. I’ve had creeps follow me a few times. Not in many years, but even when I was 28 and in top shape I noticed 2 guys coming up behind me and whispering about rolling me. they didn’t anticipate I had really good hearing, and I had a small blade on my keychain, which I took out and flipped open…They immediately turned down an alley…
When I was 18 - 20 I got stalked several times… mostly guys wanting sex. I did get robbed once when I was 18 and not paying attention to my surroundings in the city.

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chordy women get screwed whatever they do. lonliness or being run ragged by kids, ive always had more aggression than the adverage man not that im proud of it.

It would only be a matter of making the brain move from one side to the other very rapidly. Not too difficult to do to be honest. I recommend aiming for the side of the head rather than the frontal lobe as it takes less force to bounce the brain from side to side than from back to front. A hit from the front is more absorbed by the thicker skull located there.

Many common objects found in most public places would suffice for an attack of this sort. And because men do have a bit of a superiority complex it is likely not an attack most would anticipate.

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I’ve only seen stars twice in my life when hit…I haven’t been hit a whole lot…
But, once was from a guy who was quick, strong and a good fighter. The other time was a 120 lb girl…No I didn’t hit her back. Actually I told her to do it. she had been abused by an X and had let him. I told her how to hit someone right in the midst of a verbal argument we were having over her X. She demonstrated that she had listened… After I shook it off the stars and disorientation, I said “that’s how you do it!”
I bet some guys would have been knocked out by that.

PS: this happens a LOT… 11;11
I am the 11:11 star, LOL

Seeing stars results from sudden drop in blood pressure to the brain. It can cause a blackout but this blackout is different from what is experienced in a knockout. A knockout caused by blunt force trauma like you would see in a boxing match is a result of an overload of neurotransmitters all firing at once…

Explanation: When the brain slams into the inside of the skull, it suffers trauma. It then bounces off the inside of the skull and slams into the opposite side. This causes even more trauma. Depending on the force of the punch, this can happen several times before the brain comes to rest inside the skull.

The trauma to the brain stimulates an overwhelming number of neurotransmitters to fire at the same time. This essentially overloads the nervous system sending it into a state of temporary paralysis. The person who is hit in the jaw loses consciousness and his muscles relax. The injured person falls to the ground with no memory of being hit.

A person who is knocked out by a punch to the jaw suffers a severe concussion. It can take anywhere from several seconds to several minutes to regain consciousness. It all depends on the severity of the brain trauma. In mild cases, the person who is knocked out can shake off the punch with little more than a headache. In severe cases, brain trauma from a knockout punch to the jaw can cause cerebral bleeding and death.