Pelican eats pigeon


Big bird eat little bird. If I was a pelican id deff get down on some pigeon munchin :laughing:


Hmm. . .

Strange To Note: Even Pet Nature Can Get Violent?.

One Night, A Few Years Back In The Isolated Temptress Of Vanquish.

Out In The Slight Borderline Of City And Forest.

I Was Greeted By A Group Of Wild Cats.

12 Of Them.

And As I Sat Alone, Praying, And Enjoying The Melodies Of Mainstream Media.

I Heard The Cry Of A Helpless Creature A Few Feet Away.

Slowly, Strangely, A Mouse Was Crying.

For You See Dear Reader, A Cat Was Holding A Mouse In It’s Jaws Of Death.

The Mouse Layed Lifeless In it’s Peacefully Quiet Warning Of The Cat’s Wound Puncture.

I Felt Sad. And There Was Nothing I Could Do.

The Cat Walked Slowly A Few Feet Away. With No Violence Even In It’s Heart.

As If She/He Was Saying, ‘Thus Has To Be Done’.

The Mouse Peacefully Asked The Cat To Be Released.

But She/He Could Do Nothing. The Teeth Was Clenched In It’s Side.

As The Blood Slowly, Peacefully Spilled Out Of The Furry Creatures Mouth Of Death.

I Sat In Thus Forest Alone. Wishing Something Would Explain To Me Why.

Why Thus Mouse?.

A Mouse Doesn’t Even Eat Meat. Only Grains, Fruits, And Seed?.

I Asked The Night Sky As The City Slept Soundly.

During The Quiet Locks Of Death As The Quiet Death Showed Me A Key.

‘Is That Really Worth All of Thus Suffering’?.

The Cat Said Nothing, And Wouldn’t Even Kill The Mouse.

It Jus Wanted To Show Me Something. . .


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Hmm?. . .

Radiohead~ ‘Optimistic’. (Album/Kid A). Released October 2, 2000. 101/10!.


Only Medusa’s Mother KARMA Knows That Answer.


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that’s nuts huh =O

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If you thought that was crazy, check out this old documentary of an eagle hunting for goats.


Yes nature can seem cruel

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Hey friend. Do you text in poems? I can’t wrap my mind around the way you speak(type) I hope that isn’t offensive, I actually find it pretty cool @ATARI

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Hmm. . .

Thank You For Your Compliment.

No, I Am Not Offended.

Although, Compliments With Unique Motives Are Strange And Unusual.

I Dare Not.


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Not sure what you mean by the last part

Hmm?. . .

It’s Self Explanatory.

Perhaps Find Study In Brief Intellectual Study Absorption?.

Although That Can Feel Frightening And Confusing. . .


You lost me homie😔

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