Peer support, don't want to go

My peer support is suppos ed to take me to a game thing today. I don’t really want to go now. But i said i would. Do you think it would be ok to see if she wanted to go somewhere else or should i just go and try to get over my fear of being around people for an hour and a half?

It’s board games and card games

She who dares, wins.

I say go for it !!!

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It’s a tough one. You could tell her that you might want to leave early. That way it would be less pressure. You’d have the option to bail if you didn’t like it when you got there.


When you said you would go were you thinking it sounded fun and you’ve just let anxiety turn it into something unfun? Because if that’s the case I think you should go and I bet at the end you’ll be glad you went and even though it will be hard you will have had a good time playing games.


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