Peer coaching stressing me out

What do I do now? I have half a mind to try parapro tutoring, but my functioning seems to have gotten worse since my last episode. I am going to tell my supervisor that I quit peer coaching due to mental health. I have a hard time maintaining stamina around my client. People at support group really want me to go back to working in special education. But I’m thinking I just want to join clubhouse and go to the gym and go to all my support groups, and just forget about work for a while. Somehow I function pretty well if it weren’t for my low energy and being unable to work… advise? Feels kinda bad being too unproductive, I’d need something else going on to replace work…

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It feels really bad being unproductive. I need some kind of outlet to feel like I’m moving forward in life… idk, I don’t need the money… I just need to have goals and responsibilities of some sort. Maybe going to clubhouse will help with that because I have a friend there? And exercising, getting a car, running errands, etc. I do have other wants like doing more activities with friends but I socialize quite a bit already.

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I’m sorry you are feeling down today. Probably the state of low energy will improve when you take amyloban 3399 for longer time. I suffer from low energy either and have tried many methods to mitigate it. So far 100mg Magnesium daily seems most helpful to me. But if I increase the dose of magnesium to 200mg daily, I would become lethargic during the day.

The brand of magnesium I take is Doctor’s Best. I ordered it from iHerb.

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Thank you! I’m feeling good besides the work stress, but I wrote down magnesium and might try it one day. I am considering volunteering… idk maybe it’s a desperate last ditch effort and I should just not try to work anymore at all.

Yeah I can relate totally. Years ago I got on a pension out here. It compromises my life for most things but it lets me live a decent way I’m happy with. I used to be a very good worker. I had energy and smarts and loved working hard. I just can’t do that and I realized that a long time ago…

I’m not saying your there yet. I didn’t give up work till I was older and I had a great job in retail where I did very well at. I could still, at a pinch, probably give it a go but stress causes problems and that is my issue.

For me. It’s important to feel like I’m achieving something too. For me that is volunteering at my cricket club. It very much was an apprenticeship and I have developed skills and knowledge and contacts to actually make it a career…But I’m older and I just love to live as I do now. Maybe in the future.

I’d say. What about volunteering doing something totally different to what you’ve been doing? There are other options to get you motivated and confident. Could be worth a look for the short term??

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There pretty much isn’t any job I feel qualified for. I used to like volunteering at the hospital on Fridays to watch movies with the patients. I just wheel them into the activities room and sit through the movie. But I’d rather just follow my mom to work and help her clean house. Somehow working for my mom doesn’t give me stress. I could also go running. I just don’t feel comfortable at the gym in the middle of the day and clubhouse I just don’t belong there.

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We lived a life without much money but my mum used to clean houses for a while whilst my younger siblings were growing up. Thing is that jobs like cleaning are things that are mundane but often those routine jobs are easy for wandering minds. Why not try cleaning for a while and see how you go?

A cleaning business is always in demand and you do things at your pace. @77nick77 does very well as a cleaner…I know you might say gawd your an idiot but all’s I’m saying is think outside the box. Might be the things your trying to do aren’t as easy for you as other things!


I have performance anxiety and when I’m pressured to do some paid responsibility, I seem to get stressed. My mom likes having me around with her, but not every day. She’d probably make me do something else.

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Yeah fair cop. Just trying to give you some alternatives. Life often points you to paths that really aren’t or they really are good for you.

I’m a bit of a Taoist when it comes to work. I’ve done some pretty different things to get work in the past and done well. I can always pull off an interview even when psychotic so I can dance the dance.

All’s I’m saying is have a look what is out there. My fav job of all time was a bookstore. Brilliant work. Paid crap. Still. I did really well in it and I loved it.

I know it’s really crappy times in most places to get jobs these days but have a look around for something you think you’d be good at. You’ve time to look. You’ve a good base while your looking.

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