Peace to the homeless

I hope i nor anybody on this forum has to go through homelessness. We schizophrenics however always seem to be on that fine line. I saw a kid my age maybe about 23-24 walking on the street talking to himself and from his get up it was obvious he had no place to stay and no way to get meds and was probably going through hell. I wanted to just hug him and tell him it was going to be ok or at least do something but i did nothing. Im planning this summer after school ends to start a weekly lunch bag delivery service and make sandwiches, with an apple and oreos and ride my bike around and hand them out to the homeless. I think they’d enjoy it.


I work in shelters, and they do well with food, and when we give out personal goods to the nearly homeless or very poor, they will take everything, and we have to tell them only one item.

Most don’t know the boundaries with each shelter, and some are harsher than others, but they still come, though most are not thankful, they do want to be there, and there’s fellowship, and prayer time.


I just was in Santa Monica. The place was almost ironic. There were so many rich places with wealthy people walking about and around several unfortunate homeless people. It was as if the people saw right through them. Some are bitter; I can see why.


did the homes thing, hated it. id rather die than do it again, but id rather be homeless than in a ward…so that tells you how much I hate being admitted involuntarily…

I’ve often wondered what it’s like to be homeless and often fear the possibility of being so. I used to enjoy thunderstorms but worry now that a severe one could damage the roof or other parts of the apartment and leave us with no place to go. Since I don’t have a job and am on public assistance homelessness is just a storm, political decision, failure to obtain medicine, or accident away and it’s hard to find another place when you are essentially begging for it. I am afraid to work my way off SSI because it pays most of my medical bills which I would have trouble paying for myself if I had a job but it’s an uneasy feeling knowing how vulnerable I really am. I also hate that only two family member are left in my town leaving me even more uncertain. If it really came to it I guess I’d attempt to drive so I can have a job in spite of poor eyesight and inexperience because you literally need a car in this town to work. The public transportation system is simply inadequate.

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after listening to their stories, it seems homelessness

a lot of times is broken relationships, such as young people kicked out of the home
for any number of reasons,

or vets losing their woman either to another man, or addictions.

I have found positive and loving relationships in general have such a big effect on everything.

what they really need is brand new tennis shoes,

I’m overwhelmed by the manufacturing and sale of so many tennis shoes in my area
that are so costly.

the other thing they need is those big 3 wick candles for light and warmth on cold nights.

At the noon free meal I served at, lots of these people coming in

had done crack or meth or liquor all night the night before,
and couldn’t afford food,

actually EBT use is down in more recent years, and some states are
using it for those who make money to keep more of their own money,

which makes sense really, instead of rewarding no work/no changes.

sorry if I’m rambling,

but just wanted to add, for those of who work in the shelters, volunteers mainly,
the running joke is that the public only helps on Thanksgiving or Christmas,

but they don’t realize the need is there in June too.

At Christmas, it was not uncommon to see a man come in and write a thousand dollar check to the shelter, and not even want a receipt.

Also, if you donate, a lot of times we wait until you leave, sift through, and throw over half of it away.

Also, I hand wrote out thank you cards for all those donations,

I didn’t mean to say we’re ungrateful.