Peace is more than just an absense of war

Do any of you do peace work? I need to get involved but I don’t know where to begin. ( As far as beginning at home, I find it best to keep out of my provider’s conflicts.).

Any time you give someone a needed meal or any necessity they lack you are stopping them from having to take it from someone else. It’s funny, right before I had my cute, little psychotic break, I joined this group that provided used medical supplies to pre-industrial countries. It felt really rewarding. I would suggest, if you want to do peace work, find something like that.


Did you work from home or go overseas? I have to be on oxygen yet so can’t travel.

I lived in a bigger city at the time. I just drove for about ten minutes to a warehouse where we’d fill up boxes with the right medical supplies. I felt good afterwards.

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I’m a small town person. But I’m a good writer. Maybe I could use the power of the pen.

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You could. And if you wanted you probably could use those talents to help out a like minded peace based organization.

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