PDOCS policies ruining Disability Supports at colleges for schizo

I’m so frustrated with the PDOC policy to treat new patients as delusionals when they need help with social problems in school and have to resort to using Disability Services to keep a professor who is trying to get a date under control & more than pass the class without ‘providing special services’. This professor wasn’t even following syllabus on homework and all students showed up with different assignments and I stayed the entire class…several of the students also talked nuts loudly during class without shutting up when asked. Instructor didn’t care…I had to deal with this last time and cannot get a new pdoc who will write up a doctor’s note that isn’t defamatory and totally ruins my credibility.

Had to tell my back story about cause of nervous breakdown to new pdoc about former friend bragging about hurting friends, causing the women to freak out with nervous breakdown to give her sex abuser a chance at hurting them/us…Ruin credibility with nervous breakdown + hotseat at work, scare crap out of us and let abuser try to get whatever girl would do. Some girls got hurt badly going on trips with the woman, of course it was another city so different cop jurisdiction and no family to assist. (Arkansas STILL has a lot of pedophiles/sex predatorsl BTW + sicko supporters in law/govt. It can be REALLY hard if you get hurt there and you are not with friendlies or your family.)…Woman had no other intention with other friends IMHO…some hung around as suck ups/keep selfs okay just for appearance purposes but I don’t think chick had any other reason for me. I’ve heard retelling these kind of common psychosis triggers will get you called delusional with any of the psych doctors but it is a DISASTER for someone trying to work in new city or go to school in new place. If you got student loans, govt makes you pay it back immediately if something was wrong with the instructors and some are bullies or scums looking for a mistress. Take 2-3 classes and pay cash for them before you get loans at any schools now…too many male instructors will be a bully or worse for some. GET PDOC NOTE FROM YOUR PREVIOUS CARE DOC BEFORE YOU MOVE IF YOU NEED ACCOMMODATIONS AT WORK OR DISABILITY SERVICES AT COLLEGE OR NEW PDOC MAY SEND SOMETHING TO EMPLOYER/COLLEGE THAT IS SO BAD, IT WOULD RUIN YOUR CREDIBILITY AT EITHER or worse. ONE NEW PDOC WANTED SCHOOL TO CALL HER AND MAKE APPT FOR ME TO DISCUSS ANYTHING WRONG AND I ALREADY HAVE A BACHELORS DEGREE WITH SUM CUM LAUDE STANDING WITHOUT ANYTHING CRAZY FROM ANYONE…I worked for 14 years before former friend’s family problems caught me so I don’t have behavioral issues & nothing looks wrong here except hugely fat…So many of the peeps younger than me will act nuts and middle class have nothing to lose as many live with their parents…poorer folks are not so dramatic as they are closer to the edge. Let my experience be a warning to you!

Will have to return to my old pdoc who didn’t mind stating some of the other students are disruptive due to their own mental problems and I need to take tests/assignments in another place & need extra clarification on assignments when they don’t follow the syllabus. So frustrated…old pdoc was not meeting my treatment needs but at least he wouldn’t ruin me in education now…I’m old, I don’t have my parents paying for these classes and I just want to get thru this and get on with my life & see what the work-a-day world has turned into in my 10 year absence…Enough said!!!

Except, I NEVER discussed anything about much at school anyway …

Will also mention, Voc Rehab will not help someone with a Bachelors very much here. I cannot return to my previous type of job due to rotating schedule all 3 shifts and my severe insomnia or terribly low pay, life death situation for customers and management that could get me sued. Being motivated, normal professional trying to retrain is getting very frustrating while under psych care…3 difficult psych docs in a row has been a curse and I’m meds compliant. Looks like DMS V is now calling for more aggressive treatment of long-term psychosis not responsive to meds instead of just leaving me alone to live/function. I hate this roaller coaster ride of drama …

I’m sorry to hear of your troubles, but quite frankly, I’ve read this 3 times and I don’t really understand what you are trying to say.