Pdoc today. 🌮

I went to the pdoc today because I’ve not been doing so great, but he decided to keep my meds the same even though I think they’re not working well enough. He ordered some labs, but I have to be fasting, so I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to do those.

He thinks I’m hallucinating more and more paranoid because of stress from following the shitshow that is the US political climate. So he wants me to stop paying attention, but I don’t know if I can do that. It seems dangerous to just ignore something so important. I don’t know. I’m frustrated and it feels like he just brushed off my concerns.


That’s tough, but if he’s right you can’t really medicate away your concern about politics can you? I hope you can ride out this troubling time.

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good luck with ignoring them…
damn near impossible if you ask me…
but if you can your stronger than me…

If politics are bad for you then don’t pay attention to them. You aren’t like actually someone that goes out and does things politically are you? Other than vote I mean. Do you attend rallies and stuff like that? Also don’t worry about the political climate seems to be that Trump isn’t going to get anything passed in congress and whole lot of nothing for a while.

Also on meds seems to be that if it works slightly they try to keep them at all costs.

Yes, I am someone that goes to rallies and protests. And he is getting stuff done. A lot of really really shitty stuff. And it’s not just him, it’s what he’s allowing and encouraging from others. But I won’t get into that here, lest I get too political.

I would be interested in knowing what he is getting done because everything so far seems to be stuff that is temporary. Maybe you can pm me that.