Pdoc today


Went to the pdoc today. He was rather perturbed by my attempt at offing myself, for some odd reason he didn’t find it to be nearly as funny as I did. He upped the Latuda, going up to 60mg slowly, got rid of the klonopin and put me on xanax. I got mad at myself for crying in his office, but, I see a therapist for the first time Friday! Yay!


Maybe you need to take a more somber view of your attempt at suicide. The fact that you think it is funny alarms me.


Sorry @crimby it’s not that attempting suicide is amusing, what amused me (and the nurse!) Was that I was too out of it to figure out how to do it! It was just ironic. Should have explained better!


Thats great that youre seeing a therapist.
Dont feel bad about crying-and Im also glad the doctor was able to help you with the meds.


When I was in hospital the psychologist asked me if I was going to kill myself if I may go home for the weekend. I told her “No, that kind of thing has to be planned!” And I laughed. She went completely hysterical on me. That was not a laughing matter. I don’t know why I laughed, it just came.