Pdoc today after almost a year


I had not gone to see a pdoc for a number of months before I started working full time, but after almost a year of hand wringing and wondering if my paranoia is amping up, I finally made an appt! It was hard belapse I had to wait for 3 months to get health benefits, then I had a difficult time finding a pdoc withou a 3 to 5 month waiting list, then I kept getting physically I’ll where I had to use up my sick days before I got to use it for my pdoc…

Finally, I called an old pdoc from like 13 years ago and he takes my insurance and he had a slot open for today, so I took it. I called in with an elaborate family emergency story to avoid them asking for a dr note and they accpTed it so I’m home waiting for my 11 ocloclick apt!

The only downside is that pdoc actually got his medical license revoked twice, once for prescribing such a heavy dose that a patient died. He was supposed to titrate the patient back on his regular dose because patient had quit taking it for months so his body could not handle that dose anymore. Nervous, but I’m readying to Google dosage info during our apt and will double check my med history with the pharmacist, too. Wish me luck! I won’t take any pills before making sure the dose is appropriate!


Hope it works out well for you


Let us know how it goes?


I understood only this hahahh
Good luck to you


Well, I waited until now to reply because I’ve been furious since that day I had my pdoc appointment…they told me $25 over the phone. 50 for a specialist. I get there, they said 300 dollars plus for the 50 specialist fee. She kept saying, “you have a high deductible, so he’s going to charge you an additional 300 hundred dollars” and I was like THIS is why I asked you do to this over the phone and you refused…I took a day off from work for this, and now I lost a day’s wages and I won’t get my medicine either!"
I went home angry. Called the county behavioral department, begging to be seen and they said they only help medi-cal patients. Basically, I cannot afford a pdoc appointment working full-time using my employment based Anthem insurance health benefits. I also cannot see a county pdoc because I’m not poor enough. The system is rigged against us and I’m sick of it.

I called Anthem insurance and they did a 3-way call with the Dr.'s office. Basically, the doctor can add any amount he wants to if he feels like it and there’s nothing the insurance can do about it. I even asked that he be taken off the in-network provider list, since he def does not cost 50 dollars for a visit and Anthem said they couldn’t.

I still have no medicine and I lost over 100 dollars from missing work that day.
High deductible my butt, he is just a cash greedy corrupt pdoc who is responsible for 2 deaths and has to overcharge every new patient to make up for the financial loss he went through because of his medical negligence.

Set up new pdoc appointment, the only pdoc who answered the phone, is not an in-patient hospital doctor, and is taking new patients…my new first appointment is August 29th. Over two months from now. They also charged me 5 dollars while making the appointment to get my credit card number on file (money was returned about 7 days later)…and I still don’t know what my copay will be because their billing department hasn’t finished reviewing my insurance info (they’re supposed to call and let me know). AND, if I miss the appointment, or try to cancel within 2 days of the appt., 50$ cancellation fee.

I’m angry. Sigh. Pets cat


That’s just so wrong the way the system treats people. I’m sorry you had to go through that @HQuinn. You are on my mind. Best wishes and bless you.


Thank you very much for the kind words!! I’m hoping to last until August lol, then hopefully no horrible surprises and I’ll be able to go back on anti-psychotics :slight_smile:


I send you good vibes. That’s terrible you can’t get your medicine.

Take care and Blessings,

  • Monte :v:


Thank you for the kind thoughts (and vibes!) Monte!


Wow that all sucks big time, sorry you are having such a hard time, health care is free here but they don’t respect other peoples time and money, I had to fight with them to get early morning appt, they kept wanting to book me in at 1 PM and I said I would have to take the whole day off and it would cost to much and the look at you, like so.
I hope you get is sorted out and does not cost you a arm and a leg, (((hugs)))


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