Pdoc says no to trip

So i started planning a trip to see my sister who lives in Colorado, i am on the east coast. She has been having martial problems and is splitting up with her husband. She is my little sister and we are pretty close. I havent seen her in a while and i would like to give her some support and guidance, i know she has little to no friends there, she is in school and working and has 2 small children.

I def want to go help, but trip will definitely put a strain on my finances, and i havent been thru a crowded airport in years, and not since my few psychotic breaks. Although I feel better than i ever have in the past few years, but im still nervous of what the crowds, anxiety, and paranoia could do to me. My wife is willing to fly with me but has to return for the work week, so the return trip would be solo most likely, and costs even more should she fly me out.

I asked my pdoc this past wed what he thinks and he gave me a “you should absolutely not go”. This was a little disheartening. I feel i need to go help my little sis but at what expense? (Mental & monetary) now i feel that i would have no problem with the journey feeling like i have the past few weeks, but being sza, its easy for the moods to change quickly and the hallucinations and delusions with it. But again all have been mild at worst for the most part, and manageavle lately with my tools and operating procedures i abide by to catch myself and avoid my triggers, and i am feeling top of the world the last few weeks.

The last thing i would want is to burden my sister anymore with a “crazy” me on her hands as well as everything else shes got to handle. It seems the cons are outweighing the pros but i cant help but to feel that big brother in me wanting to do anything i can for her regardless the cost or harm to myself it may do, if it can help her. I would feel so guilty if i cant go because she and i were looking forward to it so much.

Just wanted to put all this out there and see if you guys think i should go or not go. My wife says she stands behind me if i choose to go so i feel like she thinks i can handle it, and she knows me better than i know myself for the most part. From the outside looking in, what is the general concensus of me taking the trip? Thanks in advance for your opinions…

I think @SzAdmin made a thread about traveling with MI. Maybe you can look it up…my pdoc always challenges me to get out of my comfort zone, go on adventures. I think my p doc would tell you the opposite. Go jets btw!


I recommend you read up on the risks and issues associated with travel:

My CBT therapist basically told me I shouldn’t get married. Sometimes I think she was right, but I am married now and I can do this.
I know it’s different, but I’m initially bothered by someone telling you you can’t do something.

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My son, who has sz, traveled around the world last year. He did it carefully, differently than others might have done, and successfully. Now he knows what he’s capable of, which is a lot. :blush:


I’ve travelled and it was okay. But I get why it’s complicated, especially when we’re not well.


I’m going on a trip soon. Just ordered the tickets. I’m worried but I have recovered a lot recently so I think I will manage it well.


I know my limitations, and I naturally have some.
Traveling is a big trigger for me, but everyone is different.
I think that you should consider what your pdoc is telling you, but you know yourself best @Reggie.

If you feel that you are ready to make that trip, I would have that discussion with your pdoc and make sure that both of you have a reliable plan set in place.

Good luck with everything!


Everybodies different. It would definitely be a risk. Some people could do it but some people couldn’t . I would just be a little careful about your emotions and be a little careful about letting them sway you into the wrong decision. If you decide not to go, you can still support her over the phone or e-mail or a thoughtful letter.