Pdoc said I "moved up a mark" in clinical recovery


After my six month assessment by my clinician, she said I “moved up a mark” in stability and recovery…I think this is because I have had my family around me so much lately…ofcourse I feel better, ha…I brought her a painting I did of what I thought “Heaven” would look like…a bright yellow sky with a field of flowers and bunnies…nice to look at…I will miss it being in my living room but my clinician was jealous that I hadn’t given her a painting yet and gave another counselor one…that was because she introduced me to my art instructor why I gave the other counselor one…anyways…all is square and I am happy that I at least “seem” more stable on the books…


I always lose track of my favorite artwork, too. I didn’t care at the time is why I let it happen.


This is good news, that you have improved - I have improved in so many ways too -congrats Jukebox :thumbsup:


good on you , i am really happy for you.
take care


Congratulations @jukebox Very good news.

I’m glad you have your family around to help you and that things sound like they are doing well for you. Keep up the hard work. I’m rooting for you. :thumbsup:


I’m VERY happy for you! You’ve worked hard and now it’s paying off. I hope you can continue your improvement and see more gains in recovery and stability!

Many Blessings,