Pdoc prescribed double Welbutrin, unsure

Saw him today, mostly to talk about my cognitive issues. I wanted Provigal (Modafinal) but he said we have to max up my welbutrin first and see if that improves my cognitive issues and depressive episodes.
If it doesnt he is willing for me to try a mood stabilizer and i hope i can get him to reccommend provigal (he cant prescribe it only write a letter to my GP).
I just seriously doubt the efficacy of welbutrin for my cognitive problems. I have tried just about every antidepressant on varying dosages and i dont see why welbutrin will be any different for cognition or depression.
I am also concerned in hindsight bc i wasnt truthful with him about my voices/psychosis. It not under control as i made it sound. So an antidepressant increase could push me into deeper manic psychotic problems…i just didnt want him to raise the level of my AP

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Lex hope it will help u…finger crossed…

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Its hard to get these docs to prescribe what we want. Theyd rather prescribe the drugs theyre used too and use the medical tactics theyre used to.

Here’s hoping the Wellbutrin doesnt cause you any problems.

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A fellow Lexicon! Whoo! :tada:

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You could say we are creating a lexicon of lexicons.


For me provigil had no real significant cognitive benefits. I would ask for a low dose of ritalin if you’re stable enough, but thats for your pdoc to decide. If he s/he has you on wellbutrin which in theory is suppose to raise dopamine levels, s/he could put you on a low dose short acting stimulant, my pdoc did. And it did help me, but for only a short time. I didn’t get positive symptoms, but I would rather not feel more agitated when I’m already sz… Hope this helps. Have you heard of nootropics like piracetam, much more inocuous, but much safer than ritalin or amphetamines.


What country are you in? Can a psychiatrist even prescribe modafinil? In US I thought it was only allowed if you have a proven through testing sleep disorder.

Wellbutrin is very different from other antidepressants because it works through increasing dopamine in areas of the brain that are normally low for people with psychosis, so it’s supposed to be helpful for negative symptoms. Wait and see! It could help a lot!

My pdoc prescribed it (I’m in NYS). Strattera may be an option because pdocs are wary of people abusing Ritalin.

In the US it is schedule IV so my psychiatrist cant prescribe it bc the mental health clinic he worka through doesnt allow schedule four prescriptions, due to many of their patients also having drug addiction issues. However, it is my understanding that my general practioner can prescribe me modafinal even for off label use,but he wouldnt do it unless a shrink says i need it.

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I think ritalin or adderall are out of the question due to the risk of stimulant psychosis

I like Wellbutrin. I have no real side effects for now with 300 mg wellbutrin and 80 mg geodon a day.
I feel like my normal self most of the time.

I have negative symptoms which can be distracted.

What do you feel welbutrin has done to affect you positively?

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I was crying everyday and was having extreme suicidal thoughts at night. I also had low energy and could not focus. After Wellbutrin 300 mg I have much more energy, esp evenings which is like my normal self. I take Wellbutrin in the mornings when I wake up. It helped me clear my mind and just have a better focus + took me out of major depression. Then I also took Abilify injection for 5 months which made me stable/normal again.

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Btw what is double wellbutrin mean?

From 100 to 200 mg. I am also taking other antidepressanta so doctor didnt want to raise welbutrin until i seemed more stable

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